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Our Services

Our services are simple. We look for various low priced opportunities in today's market. Our reports cover penny stocks, small cap stocks and micro cap stocks. Our main subjective is to help our readers accumulate profits and increase the size and value of their investment porfolios. It takes time, effort, and proper research to find penny stock winners and we adhere to all of these principles.

A few advantages of our many services include:

  • Advanced Notice - Penny stocks can reward you with substantial gains - that is if you get in early. The early bird catches the worm.
  • Thorough and detailed reports - Investing in the stock market should not be a gamble, knowledge is power and we combine proprietary software with years of industry experience to provide you the most comprehensive data possible. We look at a charts, news, the company's management team, products and/or services, industry background, existing clients and contracts, financial statements, and much much more.
  • Careful selection - We sift through thousands of penny stocks each week and only provide you with only the best opportunities. We dig deep to find companies of unrealized value that look poised to breakout. We announce penny stocks that have great potential that are typically not followed by traditional stock brokers.

Up to date information is extremely vital when it comes to penny stock trading. Our services are to be regarded merely as suggestions. Although we aim to put you in a more informed position, we are not financial advisors. We insist you conduct your own proper due diligence to base your decisions.

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