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StockFreak scours the market on a daily basis looking for the hottest penny stocks that may be the next big runners. We strive to provide you with only the most opportunistic picks by pouring over mountains of data and charts. How often we send out our alerts is dependent on how often we find something worthwhile. This could be 1-2 times a week or just a few times a month.

We are extremely proud of our track record and most of our readers will often make a profit even in a tough trading market. Though we may not guess correctly all the time, we still produce more consistent winners than many other newsletters. Our team is extremely knowledgeable and serious about penny stock trading whether it's on the NASDAQ small cap, OTCBB or the Pink Sheet market.

There's probably a billion dollars being traded in the market on most days. Don't you want a piece of that? Penny stocks can make huge moves. They have incredible short term potential and often see gains of 100% all the way up to 1000% in very short periods of time. A penny stock can move from 5 cents to 10 cents in just a day sometimes. That would mean your investment just DOUBLED!

Hurry and join today if you're looking for penny stock ideas that have the potential to bring 100%, 300%, or even 500% or more in returns!

We only give you the most current and useful information to help you succeed with your penny stock trading. We provide our readers with updated news, research, investing ideas, and trend analysis. We never will nor plan to clog your in-box with dozens of alerts everyday that have little to no potential. We only send you what we think are the best penny stocks in today's market. Many of our new members have even been referred to us by existing members. Quickly sign up today to see why our members keep raving about us.

You don't need to be some financial expert or have hundreds of thousands of dollars in your trading account to trade penny stocks!

A penny stock is defined as any stock under $5 that is trading on the pink sheets or OTCBB. These stocks offer more room for appreciation at a cheaper price than blue-chip stocks. Some penny stocks are even trading at just fractions of a penny!

Our past penny stocks alerts have seen gains of 500% or higher in only ONE day! Signup for our list of penny stocks.

The Stock Freak has been developing research methods for many years and carefully analyze each penny stock he comes across with extensive fundamental and technical analysis. Knowledge in the penny stock arena is critical, and The Stock Freak is fully equipped with tools to keep up with the latest information on countless profitable penny stocks trading in today's market.

TSF takes pride in our track record and are committed to finding penny stocks that are on the verge of major breakouts. We spot opportunities that sometimes analysts who have decades of experience will sometimes miss! Don't miss out on our list of penny stocks.

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